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Engineering Surveys - Sample MEP Projects

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The following represents a sample of engineering survey projects which we have completed:

PGHC - ACF Wing HVAC Renovation
Discipline: MEP Engineering
Location: Cheverly, Maryland
Square Footage: 110,000

MEP engineering services, consisting of survey of the existing HVAC system and preparation of construction documents for replacement of the HVAC system serving the four-story wing of an existing hospital.

Word Alive
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Square Footage: 100,000

Survey of the HVAC system serving an existing four-story religious building. Design of the temporary heating system for the classrooms located throughout the building.

Coconut Malorie Hotel
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Location: Ocean City, Maryland

Survey and study of the existing mechanical building system, and preparation of a report for an existing high rise hotel.

MD State School For The Deaf - Columbia Campus
Discipline: Structural & Mechanical Engineering
Location: Columbia, Maryland

Mechanical engineering services for drain upgrades for the existing pool. Structural survey, investigation and preparation of report for identifying and repairing a leak at the existing pool in a school building.

Barclay Apartment Complex
Discipline: MEP Engineering
Location: Chevy Chase, Maryland

Survey and preparation of a report for the existing mechanical and electrical systems serving four apartment buildings consisting of approximately 150 apartment units.

Services Provided Key:
Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Sample Projects By Building Type:
Commercial & Retail
Community Centers
Design Build
Healthcare Facilities
Public Safety
Religious Centers
Restaurants & Markets

Sample Projects By Specialty:
ADA Compliance
Emergency Generators
Engineering Surveys
Fire Alarm
Fuel Tank Projects
Green Projects
HVAC Studies
Lighting Projects
Public Address System
Radiology Equipment
Security System

Additional Engineering Inspection Projects

Services Provided Key: Structural Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering

Broadway Market
Survey of the existing HVAC system consisting of HVAC units and hood exhaust fans serving the market and preparation of a report addressing the air balance issues within the market.

PGHC Kitchen
Survey of the existing drainage piping system serving the commercial dishwasher and wash area of the kitchen at a hospital and preparation of recommendations addressing the drainage pipe discharge issues.

Howard County Storage Building
Survey of existing mechanical and electrical systems and preparation of report.

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