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Project Name:
Carroll Independent Gas Stations and convenience stores at three sites Locations:
25th Street, Howard Street and Erdman Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland

Engineering Services Provided: MEP Engineering

Estimated Construction Cost:

Project Description:
Design of mechanical systems and construction phase services for three convenience and food stores with service stations and car wash facilities located at 25th street, Howard street and Erdman avenue.

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  • Commercial MEP Engineering Project:

    Carroll Independent Fuel Company Stores (3 Locations)

    MEP design and construction phase services for the new gas station, convenience store and a car wash building.
    • The HVAC system serving the convenience store consisted of the gas fired roof top unit. Heating and ventilation were provided for the car wash building in accordance with the car wash equipment manufacturer's requirements.

    • The plumbing and ventilation serving the equipment and appliances serving the fast food chain located in the convenience store were designed in order to accommodate the fast food chain requirements. The grease interceptors were sized in accordance with the code requirements to serve the food preparation area of the fast food chain.

    • The recirculation of the drainage system (utilizing substantial water reclaim), filtration and heating of water in the car wash area were designed in accordance with the car wash equipment manufacturer's requirements.

    • Lighting and power drawings for the gas dispensing equipment, canopy above the gas dispenser islands, convenience store and car wash building were provided.

    • The controls for the fuel pumps were designed for emergency shut off in accordance with the code requirements.

    • Construction phases services were provided.

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