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Project Name:
Annapolis Police Station

Annapolis, Maryland

Engineering Services Provided:
Structural & MEP Engineering

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Project Description:
Structural & MEP engineering for the renovation and expansion of a Police Station totaling 47,000 sq.ft. Included renovation of an existing 24,000 facility and construction of a new 23,000 sq.ft. building expansion, emergency operation center and a parking deck.

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  • Institutional Engineering Project:

    Annapolis Police Station

    F&H provided structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services for the renovation and expansion of the Annapolis Police Station totaling 47,000 sq.ft. The project included renovation of an existing 24,000 facility and construction of a new two and three-story, 23,000 sq.ft. building expansion, emergency operation center and parking deck.

    • Determined various heating and cooling zones throughout the building based on the occupancy and load requirements. Split air conditioning units with hydronic heating coils were selected for various zones throughout the building.

    • The existing mechanical and electrical systems serving the existing building were demolished. New mechanical and electrical system were provided for the existing and new expansion areas.

    • The new central heating system consisted of high efficiency gas fired hot water boilers which were located in the first floor mechanical room. The heating water generated by the boilers were pumped by the based mounted heating water pumps to various air handling units and the reheat coils of the Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes located throughout the building.

    • Several new VAV air handling units, equipped with D/X and heating water coils served various areas throughout the building. The air handling units were located in two main mechanical rooms on the first and third floors and their respective condensers were located on the roof.

    • Security type lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, air devices and sprinkler heads were specified for the secure areas of the building such as the holding and cell areas.

    • The emergency operation center was served by an independent constant volume roof top unit.

    • Designed the incoming sprinkler system, fire alarm system, security system, emergency notification and panic alarm system.

    • Two emergency generators were provided for the facility. The main generator serves the critical loads of the main building. The second generator serves the entire emergency operation center.

    • Determined the size of the upgraded electric service and designed a new power distribution system to serve the entire building.

    • Field investigation and evaluation of existing structural conditions for the proposed renovations and modifications to the existing three story concrete and masonry framed building.

    • Design of two and three-story additions to the existing building consisting of spread footings, structural steel frames, composite floor framing and steel roof framing for green roof construction for the three-story addition. Coordination of the new addition design with the adjacent existing building. Underpinning of portions of the existing building foundation were required to accommodate the construction of the proposed addition foundation system.

    • Coordination of the underground emergency operation center structure designed by the building manufacturer with the existing building and new building addition.

    • Performance of construction phase services consisting of the site visits and review of various submittals and shop drawings.

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