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Project Name:
Maryland Senate & House Chambers Lighting
Annapolis, Maryland

Engineering Services Provided:
Electrical Engineering

Construction Cost:

Construction Completion:

Areas Served: Senate & House Chambers, respective lounges and balconies.

Project Description:
Provided electrical engineering service for upgrading the existing lighting system at the Maryland House Chambers, Senate Chambers and related lounges and balconies.

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Lighting Engineering Project:

Maryland Senate & House Chambers Lighting

Provided Electrical engineering services for upgrading the existing lighting system at the House Chambers, Senate Chambers and related lounges and balconies. A summary of our scope of work is described below:

  • Studied the existing lighting system and identified areas with low illumination in need of lighting upgrades.

  • Provided new light fixtures to match the architectural features of existing light fixtures and coordinated with manufacturers in order to achieve the owner’s design, illumination requirements and construction budget.

  • Provided new wall mounted architectural sconces in the House & Senate lounges.

  • Provided new translucent chandelier shades in the House and Senate lounges in order to improve lighting levels and eliminate the need to replace the existing architectural chandeliers.

  • Replaced the existing 250 watt incandescent light fixtures with HID light fixtures which provide higher lighting levels at a lower wattage.

  • Provided additional flood light fixtures above the Tiffany Glass Ceiling in the Senate & House Chambers.

  • Provided four alternative lighting designs with varying levels of illumination. Prepared a cost estimate for each of the four alternative designs.

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